Mašīah (Anointed, Messiah) is a term related to anointmeent of a future ruler by a priest or a prophet in order to deliver G-d's Grace to this ruler in a way similar to modern delivery of gifts of the Holy Spirit to any person who has accepted JHS as his Lord, cf. 1 Sam=Šemū’ēl ālep 10, 1: prophet Šemū’ēl anoints Šā’ūl (Saul) a king.
In prohets' speech, the term “Annointed” begins to mean a King Saviour after the Jews had got into Assyrian and Babylonian captivities, but there appears a mystic insight of a Saviour Redeemer from sins in deepest prophecies (cf.
Is=Ješà‘jā 53). Since then Messiah is a descendant of King David with a task to restitute the Kingdom of Yisrael. Up to now there exist a confusion between two messiahs in Talmudic tradition: one is suffering, and the other is triumphing. This intricacy can be solved in favour of One Messiah only in the Person of JHS, Crucified, Resurrexed, Ascended to Heaven and Coming again with glory.
Mostly staggering prophecies about JHS in the OT are: I
eša‘jā 53; Ps
=Tehillīm 22; 41, 9; Zech=Zekàrjā 11, 12-13; 12, 10; Dan=Dāniyyēl 9, 24-27 (the latter presents a precise mathematic calculation of the date of the First Coming of the Messiah).

However image of JHS constantly emerges in the Talmudic Judaism too. Not only the Messianic Judaism alone does witness this, but also sporadic revelations, times apparent, times more hidden, even to authorities of the Talmudic faith. Daniel Zion may be treated as one who witnessed apparently. He was a Chief Rabbi of Sofia who succeeded to save all Bulgarian Jewry from the Nazi extermination. Once having accepted JHS as Mashiah of Yisrael, he did not yielded to demands to disclaim his faith when being in office of a judge at a rabbinical Court in Israel. buvo pripažinęs JHS Mesiju, įtikėjęs ir nepasidavęs reikalavimams atsisakyti nuo šio tikėjimo net jau būdamas Izraelyje rabiniško teismo teisėju. When discharged because of this in 1949 m., he became leader of the Messianic Movement in Israel. When died in 1979, he was buried with state honours.

A sample of the last enigmatic revelation was a well-known Israeli Kabbalist Yitzhak Kaduri who lived to the age of 110 or even 118. Shortly before his death he spoke having met Mashiah and talked to Him. Kaduri put down the name of Mashiah in an acrostic form in a note on a piece of paper and said to read it after his death. Here is his inscription: Jārīm Hā‘ām We-jōkīah Šeddebārō We-tōrātō ‘ōmedīm “He will raise the people and confirm that His word and law are standing” = JHWŠW‘ (the full name of JHS).
It was Islam which intercepted eschatologic prophecy of the Annointed King from the Messianic Judaism (Christianity). The Quran several times mentions ‘Isā-bnu-Maryām (JHS the Son of Miryam) as Messiah, however once this is in a quotation of alleged words of the Judeans: “We have killed the Messiah ‘Īsą, the son of Maryam” (Qur’ān 4, 157). Messiah in Arabic is the same Semitic word “anointed”: Masīh (not borrowed from Hebrew!) This is a powerful witness of the third Abrahamic religion in the context of the Judaism.