Christianity of the heathen world constantly decaying during the 11th–20th centuries, the decay begins to make its way into theology in the 20th c. This happens because, in comparison to the archaic speech of the Bible, all gross materialist explanations of science seem to be profound for those who have lost their trust in G-d and their commitment to Christ. Theologists rush “to save” religion: when trying to demonstrate that they in turn do not negate Darwin's hypothesis - “a theory”, so enthusiasticly “proved” by lots of scientists, many try to restrict G-d with serving evolution ostensibly created by Himself. Then it appears that, at some stage of the evolution, G-d breathes soul into advanced primates, and simian turns into human. It is clear that G-d is free not to intervene at all: who then can prove the immortality of the soul? (even the adventists deny it!) If the soul is mortal, then the man is a “social animal” only. Even more: it becomes obscure what is the matter of JHS’ redemption? Where is “the original sin” lying perdu, if all advanced primates turned into people? Even a “wise” assumption of “a collective sin” could be heard before years.
Protestant and Catholic theologists fell into timidity. Various hints to verify the attitude of the Catholic Church toward Darwinism have been repeated recently. It is true that John Paul II, already sick, spoke for not enough cleared kind of the theory of evolution in 1996 m. In 2007 his successor Benedict XVI confirmed our faith in G-d Creator and specified scientific discoveries showing evolution as a method of the Creation.
Most fruitful theology of such Creationism comes from the theory of Teilhard de Chardin. It was not fully comprehended at once for fear to be held adherents of the atheistic Darwinism.
Today we not only have an Anti-Christian “Orwellian” total electronic control. We have it simply because any achievement of science is used by Satan in a destructive way. As for a constructive principle, new technologies really mean uniting of the whole mankind on a new stage of evolution with a collective mind. This mind is called to become common to all in One Body of JHS. Comprehension of this reasoning leads to Teilhard de Chardin with his Omega-Point achieved after the creation has achieved spirituality and teared itself away from its material basis.
Namely this means the final victory of G-d. Who then will be defeated? Satan? Satan is a creature, incapable to oppose the Creator. Satan is only a destructive force which is permitted by G-d to serve a much more worthy opponent. The opponent of G-d is Nothing, Tehom, Chaos, the Abyss of Nothingness with its main law of the decay of everything into Nothing, the law of the entropy. In the course of its becoming from Nothing, the created world itself should finally overcome the entropy of Chaos. “Narrow corridors of minimal chances” are passed through due to laws PROGRAMMED by the Creator.
Today one can apparently see bio-programming in chains of the DNA, and one can imply the existence of a summarizing program overcoming the entropy on the level of the elementary particles. A senseless evolution from itself, without G-d, is absurd: nothing of practically limitless structural variations of the highest mental level, as seen in chains of the DNA, could emerge accidentally - all should have been destroyed by the entropy already on the first stages of an advanced complication. This reasoning leads to understanding of Teilhard de Chardin’s evolution as of a method of creation. Omega-Point is the goal of this evolution when the spirit in the created lower material substance tears itself from it and turns into intellect of the mankind in the Body of JHS.
Teilhard de Chardin did not know mysteries of the DNA yet, therefore he did not distance from the very term of the evolution. Evolution, as a method of creation, is a stepped creation in reality, when a new step is created in order to paticipate in creation, but not to continue the creation for itself, or to create for itself.
His opponents are saying, Teilhard should have been burnt as a heretic in the Middle Ages.
Burnt or not does not matter when his theology is not incompatible with the Incarnation and Atonement, not to say about the Gospel and practical Salvation. Most important, his theory is not any Darwinism with no need of the Creator. De Chardin does not introduce any “other Christianity” but a pure theological construction only. This construction is an attempt to present Creation in terms of contemporary science, not in fairy terms of archaic people. Nor has his theory anything to do with perfidious “theology” allowing G-d to intervene only on stages when “intermediary chains” are required according to Darwin's theory. In fact, Teilhard de Chardin confines himself to the method of the creation. Today the decoding of the DNR chains has shown the creation of non-material formula from nothing. This decoding has finally ruined Darwin's primitivism of one species evolving from other species. Chains of the DNA appear to be not material forms, but abstract formulas of hierarchical structures. This points to Intellect operating in the Universe, because only Intellect could create such highly intricate abstract formulas (only part of which having become materialized but the others remaining “not-infilled”, ostensibly reserved for still not realized possibilities of new species).
The DNA decoding shows that the exhaustive information about all existing and even future species has been already set up from the beginning when no species existed at all. Chains of the DNA ARE NOT ANY RESULT OF THE EVOLUTION - otherwise there should not have been still not materialized formulas. All formulas emerged on a hypothetic stage when no species still had existed: the “evolution” had already been recorded, but not realized.
One faces a creative program made by ingenious Intellect. The very fact of such a program negates Darwinist foolishness about one species emerging from the other due to accommodation, mutation, and / or selection.
All species have been already foreseen according to the PROGRAM, and they are listed in the PROGRAM. Therefore the word “evolution” assumes some not-Darwinist character: species do not “evolve” one from another, but they UNFOLD in certain order. The stepped creation appeares to be unfolding of the mental Divine Program in the material substance. This “evolution” is therefore dispersal (unfolding) of the Creation. This way from one level to a higher is really like an evolution, because new levels “blossom” from inside the previous levels. One can understand this already from the Holy Script: “let waters be full of - jišre - ... living soul” (
Gen=Berēšīt 1, 20), let earth bring forth - tōcē - living soul (Berēšīt 1, 24) (science in turn confirms the sequence of living beings first coming from waters). In fact, all these biblical archaisms essentially surpass outwardly similar primitive Sumerian and Babylonian versions of the creation.
n article
In the Beginning was Information” by Werner Gitt can be recommended for the beginners. One can also listen to his lecture in clear simple English (W. Gitt being a German): Part 1, Part 2, or even otherwise.
A creationist Robert Carter supplements W. Gitt's report with own polemics crushing a statement that mutations ostensibly can create information.
Was the fall of Adam and Eva programmed? Not at all. However G-d had known that they would fall, therefore the whole following development of the mankind up to the Omega-Point had been programmed in order people for themselves could cooperate in Christ. 

Post-Reformation “first Christians” always demand to prove any statement on Bible. Of course, de Chardin's “evolution” cannot be proved on Bible if we take the story of Creation literally (the Moon should be smaller than the Sun, both being larger than stars, because all of them are put on the same firm surface of the vault of Heaven, the Firmament, Rāqī
a, Berēšīt 1, 16, Job=Iyyov 37, 18, which, from the time when the upper waters had been separated from the lower waters, Berēšīt 1, 7, was provided with windows - ’arubbōt for water to rain down, Berēšīt 7, 11). When not G-d’s words, dictated from the 1st Person, the Revelation was put down by contemporary people who reinterpreted the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in terms of their epoch. The sense of the Revelation is moral, beginning from human dependence on Creator of the Universe and finishing with Torah laws and Sermon on the Mount. Revelation is not any handbook of physics and astronomy, as Sunni Muslims are obliged to comprehend their Quran.
Literal comprehension of the Bible belongs to the childhood of the mankind. Today G-d and Spirit challenge mankind to perform tasks by force of the Sacrificial Blood of JHS. This is proved by the inner sense of the WHOLE Bible, not by separate ad hoc citations. We should not echo interpreters of the Scriptures ("scribes") of Caiapha's epoch who “strained out a gnat but swallowed a camel”. Traditional apostolic Christians and traditional Jews were not fool when speaking about the consensus patrum, a matter profaned by voluntaryism of Post-Reformation neo-protestants of the 19
th c. However the final evidentiary ground for all followers of JHS the Messiah lies only and exceptionally in the moral connection of any exegesis to the Sense of His Golgotha Sacrifice. A messianic believer does not need any wearisom white-shirted American missionary in the street, wise with citations and an idiot propagandizing mode of life of his Anti-Christian sodomo-democratic state. Amen.



Vladimir Solovyov