“... faith without works is dead”
2, 26)



Several years ago the Lord prompted us to start a prayer ministry for Yisrael, and He gave us strength to pray daily for His people of the First Covenant, for Yisrael and Yerushalayim (Jerusalem), all being the deed of His action. Therefore He has Own plans concerning the future of the whole Yisrael, descendants of Avraham (Abraham), His friend. The Holy Spirit shows us when, how and for whom we should pray, and we are grateful to Lord for His guidance in our ministry. Our ministry expanding, the Lord affiliated to it a lot of His faithful servants from various countries of all continents.

We invite you, dear Brothers and Sisters, to join us in our common prayers for G-d's peopla of the First Covenant, for Yisrael and Yerushalayim!

In the personal prayer part of our ministry we pray mainly for those Jews who have not recognized JHS as their Lord and Mashiah yet. We are praying for the Jews of Vilna, Lithuania and other countries whose members participate in our prayer ministry. 

The second part of our ministry is that of topical prayers for Yisrael. In fulfilling the mission of our Teacher JHS to convey the glad tidings to all peoples of the world, we see the formula for success in Apostle Paul's words TO THE JEW FIRST, AND ALSO TO THE GREEK.Our task is to warrant the process of the conveyance to the heart of every person, starting from the Jew.

In the process of our prayer ministry we have formed schedule of weekly prayers as following (time in Yisrael):

on Sundays we are praying for the Church and for the Friends of Yisrael;

on Mondays we are praying for Jewish families;  

on Tuesdays we are praying for the World Messianic Movement;

on Wednesdays we are praying for the Jewish Community and Synagogue of a town;

on Thursdays we are praying for the guards of Yisrael;

on Fridays we are praying with an intercessory prayer for the salvation of Entire Yisrael in accordance with Apostle Paul, Rom 10, 1; 11, 25 - 27;

on Saturdays we are praying with a thanksgiving prayer for G-d's peace, given through JHS ha-Mashiah to His obedient ones.

As a rule, the topics of prayers are changed every week. Participants pray at any time convenient to them. However time of the following common prayers is fixed:

12 o'clock noon – prayer for the Heavenly Yerushalayim;

3 pm – prayer for the mercy of G-d to the Jewish people;

8 pm – prayer for the Aliyah of the diaspora to the Promised Land and for the piece for Yisrael.

All believing in JHS ha-Mashiah and loving G-d's people of the First Covenant are invited to pray. Prayers for the awakening of Yisrael are a labor of love for G-d's people needing in it as having suffered a lot during history. Emerging of the State of Yisrael and formation of scores of messianic congregations show nearing of the gloriuous coming of JHS, the King of Yisrael, awaited by all hearts who love Him. Therefore the prayer ministry for Yerushalayim is an authentic confession of our faith: COME, OH LORD! MARANATHA!

The Heavenly Yerushalayim, capital of the Great King, is a Jewish town because G-d is trusty in His every word. It is erroneous to think ostensibly children of Almighty, summoned up from gentiles of various countries, have changed the status of capital of the King of Yisrael. Being capital of the world it remains to be Jewish, as it follows from Paul's words: “Understand, then, that those who have faith are children of Avraham” (Galatians 3:7). Earthly things are only a weak reflection of heavenly things. If gentiles do not recognize earthly Yerushalayim as a capital of Yisrael, this only reflects their antagonism to coming of Lord JHS, because His feet will stand on the Mount of Plives, according to Zacharia 14:4. Therefore the everyday prayer for Yerushalayim is intended to bless the Heavenly Yerushalayim and to contribute to (1) the preparance of the eartly capital of the King of Yisrael for His glorious coming; (2) form corresponding attitude of the peoples of the word toward Yerushalayim and Yisrael; (3) to support the Jewish people in gaining a new quality in light of the Second Coming of JHS ha-Mashiah.

Wishing to all people of the whole world to acquire a true trust in G-d, completely relying on His Grace in Manifestation of our Lord JHS!

Let Grace and peace to you be increased in cognition of our Lord! JHS


Vilnius, Nisan 5774 (April 2014)

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