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Since the rebirth of Israel in 1948, Messianic Judaism represents rebirth of the first Church of Ya‘akov (Jacob), once sacrificed for the salvation of Gentiles (Rom 11:25) in 325 (see here).

  ♦ Similarly to other Messianic communities and groups, this site aims:
1) To spread knowledge about Y-shua‘ (Ye-ua‘, Y-shu‘, JHS) as Jewish Messiah (Hebr. Mašīah, Gr. Christ) and Saviour of the world who comes soon for the Second time in glory; to remind traditional Christians of their being grafted in the roots of the Chosen people of Yisrael, with whom the New Covenant has been established by G-d, and who will be entirely saved (Rom 11, 17-27) as G-d's people, including all true non-Jewish believers in Y-shua‘ HaMashiah, as His Body-Church, not prevailed by the gates of hell (Matth 16, 18),
2) To participate in globally spreading Messianic Movement, guided by the Messianic Jews, and to live in accordance with the Gospel and Torah keeping to apostolic practice of celebrating Shabbath (not to identify this with participation in Y-shua‘s Sacrifice Supper celebrating His Resurrection on the first day, i.e. on Sunday),
3) To pray for conversion and salvation of the entire Yisrael people,
4) To pray for the Land of Yisrael, for its towns, people and peace,
5) To worship G-d in Hebrew,
6) To translate and spread messianic literature, to participate in messianic dialogues.
  ♦ Vilnius Messianic Community being interconfessional, the same is this site oriented toward a pre-Nicene pre-dogmic apostolic epoch, what unites all who accept JHS as their Lord, round the Messianic Jews with their grounding in:
1) Y-shua‘ as prophesied and for the second time coming Messiah of the Chosen people,
2) Y-shua‘ as Saviour of the whole mankind.
  ♦ Similarly to other messianic sites, this site is oriented toward halachian Jewish tradition, although on reasoned grounds: 
1) differently from the Jews Kairaites, the halachian Jews represent overall majority of all Jews; 
2) while represented by all Rabbinic Yisraeli Leadership, and in accordance with a new religion of the Oral Torah, this majority rejected from G-d-ordained sacrifices on any altar at the Temple Mount, when demanding Moshe Dayan to deliver keys of the mount to Moslem Waqf
E in 1967, in contrast to Jews having come back from Babylonan exile. In this way the Jewish people were brought out from the Sinai Covenant, see Ex 24:7. This is not any obstacle for them to enter the New Covenant (Jer 31:30), where the Messianic Jews already are.
  ♦ Lithuania being traditionally a Catholic country, the site tries to help Catholics to overcome Anti-Christian crisis in the Church by showing, in Catholic terms, a way to their Jewish olive-tree. 

         סֻכּוֹת תשע״ח          

SUKKŌT  TAŠ‘AH  (5778) 
t+š+‘+"x (taš‘ax = 400+300+70+8)

October (4/) 5 – 11 (/12), 2017    

         Torah Holidays (Lev 23:39–43) of Tabernacles: cf. Zach 14:16–17, Math 17:1–9, Acts 18:1–3, as well as especially John 7:37–38 with an allusion to a Temple ritual of taking living water from the pool of Siloam (Shilōah) to the Temple through the Water Gates and carrying it in a golden jug to be poured over the Altar. 
         John 7:38 renders Hebr. miqqirbō ‘from his inside (inward, heart, entrails)’, here simply – ‘from him’, all translations via Greek being nonsensically vulgar.
         Sukkōt lasts 7 days from Tishrey (Sunset 14 /) 15, and finishes on the Eighth of the Assembly (Sh
emīnī Atseret), passing on into the Festival of the Joy of Torah (Śimhat Tōrā), Tishrey (12/) 13. The latter celebrates end and the beginning of the annual Torah readings daily in 54 weekly Parashōt. This site shows all annual Torah readings and gives notional links from them to places in the New Testament. The latter is also divided into corresponhding 54 weeks with their daily readings having notional links to TaNaK in turn.
         For useful information about Sukkōt, Sh
emīnī Atseret and Śimhat Tōrā see Hebrew for Christians (> Holidays)


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