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People, who believe Y-shua‘ HaMashiah (J-sus Christ, JHS Christ), are coming here on initiative of Vilnius Messianic Community.
Since the rebirth of Israel in 1948, Messianic Judaism represents rebirth of the first Church of Ya‘akov (Jacob), once sacrificed for salvation of the gentiles (Rom 11:25) in 325 (see here).

Our aims are similar to those of many other Messianic communities and groups:
1) To spread knowledge about Y-shua‘ (Ye-ua‘, Y-shu‘, JHS) as Jewish Messiah (Hebr. Mašīah, Gr. Christ) and Saviour of the world who comes soon for the Second time in glory; to remind traditional Christians of their being grafted in the roots of the Chosen people of Yisrael, with whom the New Covenant has been established by G-d, and who will be entirely saved (Rom 11, 17-27) as G-d's people, including all true non-Jewish believers in Y-shua‘ HaMashiah, as His Body-Church, not prevailed by the gates of hell (Mth 16, 18),
2) To participate in globally spreading Messianic Movement, guided by the Messianic Jews, and to live in accordance with the Gospel and Torah keeping to apostolic practice of celebrating Shabbath (not to identify this with participation in Y-shua‘s Sacrifice Supper and celebration of His Resurrection on the first day, i.e. on Sunday),
3) To pray for conversion and salvation of the entire Yisrael people,
4) To pray for the Land of Yisrael, for its towns, people and peace,
5) To worship G-d in Hebrew,
6) To translate and spread messianic literature, to participate in messianic dialogues.

Vilnius Messianic Community being interconfessional, the same is Kaunas Para-Messianic group oriented toward a pre-Nicene pre-dogmic apostolic epoch, what unites all believers round the Messianic Jews with their grounding in:
1) Y-shua‘ as prophesied and for the second time coming Messiah of the Chosen people,
2) Y-shua‘ as Saviour of the whole mankind.

Since the restitution of Israel in 1948, Messianic Judaism means the rebirth of the first Church of Ya‘aqob, sacrificed for the salvation of Gentiles (Rom 11:25) in 325 (see here)!

   ראשׁ הַשָּׁנָה תשע״ח          
rō’š  haš-šānā  taš‘ah          

      Rosh HaShanah ‘Head of the Year’, is Jewish Calendar New Year, not a liturgical one which begins on Nisan 1 (cf. analogically in traditional Gentile Christianity in which most traditional Christians have even forgotten when their liturgical New Year begins).
      The eve (i.e. the beginning) of Rosh HaShanah
(5)778 (according to letters Ta-
Š-‘a-H  tāw-šīn-‘àyin-hēt  meaning 400, 300, 70, 8, the 6th millenium being default) is the sunset on Tuesday, September 19, in 2017, what will be the end of Elul 5777 – the beginning of Tishrey 5778. 
          The sequence of Jewish Calendar months is: 
, the 7th liturgical month
, the 8th month
, the 9th
, the 10th
, the 11th
Adár 1
, the 12th, Adár 2, the 13th intercalary month
, the 1st liturgical month
, the 2nd
, the 3rd
, the 4th
, the 5th
, the 6th month.
       The names of months are of Babylonian Semitic origin

           The original name of the feast is the Day of Trumpets (Lev 23:24) Yōm Terū‘ā, the word terū‘ā exactly meaning unison shouting of many people (cf. Jos 6:5). For Messianic Jews the blowing of Shofar on Yōm Terū‘ā anticipates awaited coming of Messiah Y-shua‘ (1 Thess 4:16).
        The feast is celebrated during two days, i.e. on Tishrey 1 and 2, i.e. from the sunset of September 20 till the sunset of September 22 in 2017.
        For Messianic celebration of the feast see
Hebrew for Christians > Holidays

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