Soon after the reunification of Yerushalayim, General Moshe Dayan was visited by a huge delegation of Yisraeli Rabbis with a request to deliver keys of the Temple Mount to Moslem Waqf (Jordanian, in fact). Of them 50 prominent Rabbis published an interdict for Jews to ascend the mount on the grounds of danger of stepping the area of the Holy of Holies, which ostensibly had been forgotten even by the Jews after only 70 years of the Babylonian captivity (some “prophets” allegedly revealed that place, the Rabbis said: ostensibly rests of the First Temple had been fully removed as after the wars againt pagan Rome, as well as no remaining Jews coud enter Yerushalayim, as it happened under the Romans!)  The Rabbis argued that only Mashiah would restore the place and let people to be purified according to the Law before the reconstruction of the Temple.

This means inventions of the new Rabbinic religion of the Oral Torah. In fact, archaelogy is capable to precisely detect all areas, not to say that even today it is absolutely clear where no Holy of Holies could be for sure. An altar can be erected there and all purifications demanded by the Law can be performed with corresponding sacrifices, beginning from purification of the archaeologists mentioned, not to say about all the nation.
It was after coming back from the Babylonian captivity that an altar had been erected and sacrifices renewed yet before restoration of the Second Temple begun (Ezra 3:6)!

This prohibition of 50 prominent Yisraeli Rabbis of 1967 has been repeated recently by 120 Rabbis in 2015. The Rabbis named their Oral Torah with the word “Law” again, thus showing that, differently from Temple religion of the Sinaitic Covenant, the new Rabbinic religion is ready to wait for Mashiah for ever: if not an imaginable personal help of Mashiah, then only the High Priest alone, coming one day in a year, will be able to lay 20 x 20 cubits foundation at the place of the Holy of Holies, to brick in 20 x 40 cubits height walls and to build ceiling on massive timber joists there around and the roof above. Up to that time let Goyim trample the place of the Holy of Holies!
Take in mind that the Jews Karaites have never accepted rabbinic Oral Torah, however they are officially acknowledged Jews in Yisrael with all rights of the citizenship.

Two official letters of the main representatives of the Jewish people in course of 50 years of the liberated Temple Mount mean a negation of Na‘ase WeNishma‘ of Ex 24:7: anahnū lō na‘aśē welō nišma‘! – the Jews say to G-d. Thus the Jewish nation has seceded from the Covenant of Sinai because of the Rabbinic religion of the Oral Torah only.

G-d does not change His promises. This is halachian Rabbinism which G-d has used to preserve His people from disappearnce in the ocean of surrounding gentiles in course of two millenia. However after the restitution of the State this Rabbinism wants to keep its role for ever and to live in Yisrael as in Galuth. This is why Orthodoxes even consider regaining of the State to be a sin because only Meshiah should restore his Kingdom, they say. This invention by the new religion makes essential difference between the first coming back from exile in Babylon and the modern Aliya from Galuth.