(Information for Christians of traditional denominations)

Messianic Judaism is faith of the Messianic Jews. As such, it as a reborn original Christianity of the first Christians Jews. In fact, Christianity is Judaism of the New Covenant.

Although all religious Jews are waiting for Messiah (Mashiah, Gr. Christ ‘Anointed’), Messianic Jews is a name for those accepting that Y-shua (Latinized J-sus) is Messiah and L-rd, once crucified, resurrected and coming again to judge the world. They are baptized in His Name through the Jewish full Tvilah (‘immersion’) in accordance with the Gospel and Acts.

Messianic Community is a religious community set up by the Messianic Jews, who usually admit members Christians of the gentile origin without demanding circumcizion of men, as in times of the first Jewish Christians.

Messianic Movement is just a new term sometimes applied to the sum of all various Messianic communities and Para-Messianic groups created by gentiles on similar grounds with occasional Jewish participation, as well as of separate families and persons acting on these grounds throughout the world.

This shows that the participation of the gentile Christians in the Messianic Jewish movement might be:
a) familial and individual,
b) in groups formed by gentile Christians together or without the Jews on the same grounds and common agreement,
c) by entering Messianic Jewish communities.

It is welcome for the gentile Christians of old Nicene confessions first to get blessings of their ghostly father before entering the Messianic Jewish movement, especially when creating a new Para-Messianic group.



The importance of the Messianic Judaism and Messianic movement for the Christendom is fateful.
This gives the last Christians a possibility to finally unite round the reborn ‘natural olive tree’ (Romans 11) under conditions of the total apostasy in former Christian countries. This uniting requires such sort of their association when nobody of them try to draw after themselves and to force on other traditional Christians all thousand-years disagreements which have not ever solved the problem of Christian unity, but have only split the Christendom up to atomization in our days. However the Messianic Jewish Christianity is vividly regenerating and spreading at the same time in accordance with Paul’s prophecy in Romans 11, in its authentic primeval form, avoiding all contradictory way unsuccessfully passed by traditional Christianity of the Gentiles up to now. No doubt the gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church: this truth persists. However how it is related to St. Peter, this will show the Holy Spirit in coming times:

1. The fundamentals of faith
2. Scriptures
3. Liturgy and the Eucharist
4. Obligatory things